Who we are and what we do

InnFood - a start-up with over 100 years of tradition.

Our production facility in Weiding am Inn in Upper Bavaria has been in operation since 1906. We have been producing food for babies and toddlers, as well as organic food products for adults, since 1960. From the sourcing of the raw ingredients to the bottling process, our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. We see ourselves as driving the resource-saving and environmentally conscious production of food in jars.

What makes InnFood special? - The conscientiousness, commitment and creativity of all our 220 employees.

What does InnFood excel at? - Developing innovative products (let us surprise you!), sourcing and processing organic raw ingredients that meet Demeter organic food standards and – naturally – meeting the highest standards of quality.

Just click on our video of the drone flight over our plant in Weiding and also to get an impression of the production.


Our company is based in Weiding bei Mühldorf in Upper Bavaria. The site was part of the Nestlé group until 2015. Today, InnFood is a financially and legally independent company that is privately run and owned. We have been operating independently under the name “InnFood GmbH” since 2019. Our company’s name was inspired by the local Inn river, which flows right by our headquarters.

Our philosophy

InnFood operates responsibly:

The careful sourcing of raw ingredients is key to our operations.

The highest standards of quality and quality assurance form the foundation for everything we do.

InnFood specialises in nutritional food: Our products are tailored to the nutritional and physiological needs of different age groups.

InnFood is a great partner:

We are focused on the individual needs of our clients and their consumers.

In addition to offering a comprehensive range of services, InnFood works with partners to develop innovative products and ideas for product ranges.

InnFood is future-focused:

At InnFood, we set ourselves constantly evolving challenges and are motivated to develop alongside our clients.

Our aim is to meet the needs of the current generation without endangering the options of future generations.

InnFood has regional roots and a global outlook:

We make an effort to source our ingredients from environmentally conscious producers in the local region.

At the same time, we are guided by international nutrition trends and innovative product ideas.