Clear as glass

All our products are packaged in environmentally friendly glass containers. Glass is impermeable to oxygen, scent- and taste-neutral and doesn’t interact with the food in the container. That means our products retain their high quality during storage.

The following glass containers and lids are available for your products:

  • Glass jars: 125g, 190g, 200g, 220g, 250g (wide and narrow), 350g
  • Glass bottles: 125ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 330ml, 500ml, 750ml
  • Tops: TO 38, TO 43 and PT 70 (standard) and TO82 and PT 51 (PVC-free)

Thanks to its recyclability, glass is an environmentally friendly packaging material. Our glass containers are produced using approximately 60% recycled glass. We primarily use metal lids without PVC-containing compounds to seal our glass containers.

What’s more, we are happy to support you in planning and designing your labels – from single- or multi-colour wraparound labels to FSC certification. Most of the glass containers come in six-packs. However, we are also able to offer two- and four-packs. We offer cardboard trays as the standard outer packaging for the products we make. These can be made with FSC-certified cardboard on request.